Additional Benefits

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Associate Product Discount – FranklinCovey Organizational Products

All current associates may receive a 30% merchandise discount (does not include any handheld devices).

This discount is provided solely for you, the FranklinCovey associate, and your immediate family members (defined as your spouse or domestic partner, children, parents, brothers, and sisters). If you abuse the discount (purchase product for individuals other than immediate family members), you may be subject to discipline.

Associates may pay for product purchases with cash, check, or credit card.

FranklinCovey Book Store

We are happy to offer a 30% discount at our online book store for all of our employees.


The code to enter at checkout is FCEMPLOYEE.

Corporate Headquarters Benefits

We recognize that we are a worldwide corporation; however, as with most organizations, there are additional benefits that corporate office associates may enjoy.

These include:

Cafeteria: FranklinCovey’s on-site cafeteria is open daily for breakfast and lunch. Food and beverages may be purchased with cash or check.

Wellness Center: Associates and their family members may purchase a membership to the Wellness Center. Membership fees must be paid through payroll deduction. For more information, call the Wellness Center at extension 801-817-7058.

AT&T Discounts

As a FranklinCovey employee you can receive an 18% discount if you sign up using your FranklinCovey email.

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