Having or Adopting a Baby

Having or Adopting a Child

Congratulations on your new addition! Your Interior Logic Group benefits can pave the way for a smooth transition.

Before Your New Addition Arrives

Arrange for Your Time Off

  • Notify your manager of your good news at least 30 days (or as soon as possible) before you anticipate beginning a leave of absence.
  • Review Interior Logic Group’s leave policies.
  • Begin processing your Leave of Absence by contacting your manager.

After Your New Addition Arrives

Add Your New Child to Your Benefits

  • Update your benefits coverage to include your new addition. You must act within 30 days of the birth, adoption, or placement – no changes occur automatically!
  • Login to Workday to start the process of adding your child to your benefits.
  • Get a Social Security number for your new addition and report to Benefits team ASAP.

Arrange for Your Return to Work

When your return to work date is approaching:

  • Contact your manager.
  • Reach out to the Human Resources Team and complete any required return to work forms.


You must notify HR/Benefits Dept. within 30 days of a change in status event and provide documents to support your qualified benefit status.